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Ejuice Review Papi Churro by Jet Fuel

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In short:

For us, Papi Churro by Jet Fuel takes us back to a time when that cinnamon sugar treat was the best way to end a fun filled summer day. Buy it here.

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Our Three Minute Story:

School is out. Vacation has started and the event you have long awaited for has finally arrived. Through the eyes of our once was child, this is the pinnacle of the summer holiday. The county fair. As the family van drives into the jam packed parking lot, you can't rip that seatbelt off fast enough. You slide open the side door and jump out, only to be painfully slowed down by your parents as they retrieve the stroller for your younger siblings; a further reminder of why you wished you were an only child. As your parents do one last check to make sure they, God forbid, didn't forget anything, you set off, ignoring the calls of your mother pleading to 'stay together as a family.' At this point, your little legs can't go any faster as you approach those heavenly gates.

"Where are you going kid?" A portly t-shirt wearing security guard asks.

You stare up blankly thinking to yourself, 'Isn't it obvious?'

"You need to buy tickets first." He screeches, as his beefy fingers point towards the stand.

Looking at the different options, you know the super deluxe package is the package to buy.

"Super deluxe, super deluxe," you cry out to your parents. "Please, please, pretty please!"

"Oh honey, we don't need all that. It's too much. Plus, I brought us snacks."

Your heart sinks. 'You brought snacks?' You say to yourself. 'No more rice crackers and peanut butter!'

But before you can dwell on it too much, she hands you your golden ticket and you head off to those grand gates.

The lights. The rides. The sea of rambunctious rascals, preoccupied parents and tenacious teenagers. Right as you are about to jump head first and arms flailing into this ocean of commotion, you think to yourself, 'This. Is. Awesome.’

You begin to map out your day.

First, the topsy turvy.

Second, the vortex.

Then, the 'Oh my God, that slide is humungous!'

The day flies by as you jump from one ride to the next. With the dark of the night creeping in, you start to hear a rumble in your stomach and immediately are plagued with the thought, 'Not the rice crackers!' 

As you walk towards your father and siblings, head down in disappointment, you pick up on a scrumptious scent. Caramelized cinnamon. Sweet sugar. What is that?

Your eyes look up to see the churro stand glistening as the sun softy sets. The glass window is jammed packed with freshly fried churros waiting to be handed out to hungry patrons. The cheerful cashier carefully takes one and prior to handing it over to the women next in line, gives the still-sizzling snack one last glorious dusting of cinnamon sugar. Oh, the envy.

The women turns around and starts walking in your direction, your eyes zoned in on that churro. Getting closer and closer, you begin to see the women's face come into focus. Her kind eyes. Her gentle smile. Her tousled tresses. It's mom!

She leans down to hand over the treat and with a soft pat of the back, says, "Enjoy honey."

Without hesitation, you take bite number one. And once again, you say to yourself, 'This. Is. Awesome.'

For us, Papi Churro by Jet Fuel takes us back to a time when that cinnamon sugar treat was the best way to end a fun filled summer day. Buy it here.

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