eLiquid Review: Slapjacks by Stagecoach Vapors

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FlavorThe best breakfast on the range topped with delicious bananas

Flavor NotesA warm, buttery, sweet golden cake with a decadent syrup and subtle banana undertones

PG/VG: 40% PG, 60% VG

Nicotine Level: 6mg

Steeping Time: 5 days

Vapor Production: 8 (out of 10) 

Time of Day to Vape: Rise and shine. A great all day vape that keeps us wanting more. 

Our description: Time to walk up. Usually, getting out of bed requires the jaws of life or that feeling of total desperation when you see you slept way passed your alarm. 


But today is different. As you slowly open your eyes, a soft sweet smell drifts past. Gently rolling out of bed, you glide down the stairs and make your way into the kitchen. Is somebody making pancakes? I thought today was Tuesday, not Sunday.


As you approach the kitchen, you see a tall stack of golden brown, fluffy cakes drizzled with warm maple syrup. The pat of butter is melting down the sides to the bottom where slived bananas await, sopping up the butter syrup mix.


Walk up every morning to the sweet, buttery taste of Slapjacks by StageCoach Vapors. No baking required. Buy Slapjacks here


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November 10, 2015

It took a little finesse to find the type of build and airflow that makes this juice shine but when I finally found it I was absolutely blown away. Buttery and rich with just a slight banana on the exhale. I have banana flavored anything and I love this flavor!!! Very well done. The build was a .3 ohm build dual over 2.5 mm inner diameter air flow halfway. You won’t be disappointed.

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