New Product: 8 Bit Elixir

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8 Bit Elixir

Who doesn't like video games? Whether it be a Saturday morning pasttime when we were young, or something you still enjoy, we all had our favorite one. Ours, well... Super Mario Brothers 3... Who didn't, right?!

8 Bit Elixir is a video game inspired line whose five flavor ejuice line up is jammed packed with childhood favorites as well as over 21+ flavors. 

8 Bit Elixir flavors include: 

  • Cold ResistanceA refreshing menthol chill paired with our delicious peach ring candy flavor made famous by Stamina
  • Game OverA strawberry jaw breaker flavor that will make you wish it weren't over once it's gone
  • HealthA tart yet refreshing blended Strawberry Margarita flavor 
  • ManaA decadent desert flavor featuring a caramel cupcake with a light butterscotch frosting
  • StaminaThe finest peach ring candy vape you will find

8 Bit Elixirs liquid comes in 15ml, 30ml as well as special ordered 120ml bottles. Perfect for everybody's pocket. Check them out here and enjoy your next all day vape. 

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