New eLiquid: Lung Candy Elixirs

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Lung Candy Elixirs is known for mixing the right amount of wrong in every bottle. And with flavor names like these, it is not hard to see why. Lung Candy Elixirs comes in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg.

We just can't get enough of Fustercluck. Yes, interesting name, eh? The mix is indeed spot on. A pomegranite inhale with a mix of exotic fruits on the exhale. An all day vape for us. 

Here is their full line:

  • BlowHere's blow. Blow is a white chocolate graham cracker that will surprise you. The white chocolate is creamy, not to bold and the graham cracker is perfect on the exhale.
  • Blue Balls: A sweet creamy blueberry cheese cake with graham cracker crust
  • FustercluckPomegranite and mixed fruits
  • TeetSweet Cereal with the perfect amount of left over milk for one last glorious mouthful

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New Product: Majestic Juice

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The inception of Majestic became a reality when owners and creators Ivan Lee and Ron Webb began talking about how much they enjoyed vaping over a meal.

Both had a passion for cooking; one working profesionally in restaurant for more than two decades while the other took the road of entertaining and cooking for friends and family since a young age. The key for both were the desire to bring people happiness through flavors. Both liked vaping and both saw a chance to bring their talents to vapers rather than concentrating on food.  

After lengthy conversation, that they both shared a passion for vaping and sharing different juices that they had picked up at different shops they had visited. After trying a few of the juices it sparked a conversation that had them talking about creating their own juices that emphasized quality matching the flavors the juices were named after. As time progressed and friends started expressing how much they enjoyed the juice they were making, the two made the most logical next step and created Majestic. 

Majestic comes in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 9mg - We especially love the 9mg level for those of us who are stepping down from 12mg but 6mg is too far of a jump. 

Majestic flavors include:

  • Prestige No. 47: Green Tea with White Chocolate
  • Prestige No. 79: Lemon and Blueberry Cake/ Whipped Cream

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Halcyon Flavors - Now in 3MG

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Halcyon Vapors was one of the first eLiquid companies on the market and have been thrieving ever since. They thoroughly test their original blends with a multitude of devices in order to make sure every device has their intended one of a kind flavor. If you haven't tried Halcyon yet, you are missing out. And now, Halcyon comes in 3mg in three of their flavors; Perfect for stepping down nicotine levels. 
Apa'Chi: Peach apricot with lychee accents
Cran'Chi: Lightly sweetened cranberry with lychee accents
Dragon'Chi: Dragon fruit and pomegranate with lychee accents

Halcyon Vapors uses a 30% PG and 70% VG mix. Check it out here


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