WARNING: this product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

eLiquid Review: The Downside by The Schwartz

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FlavorSpot-on Greek yogurt topped off with fresh blueberries

Flavor Notes: Very sweet blueberry inhale with a creamy [almost frozen yogurt] yogurt exhale

PG/VG60% VG, 40% PG

Nicotine Level: 6mg

Steeping Time: 0 days - For stronger blueberry flavor, steep with the cap slightly open

Vapor Production: 7 (out of 10) 

Device: iStick with Atlantis

Time of Day to Vape: All day vape

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Our In-Depth Review:

We just cannot get enough of The Downside by The Schwartz. The more it steeps the more the blueberry flavor intensifies. And if you are like us, more blueberries equals happier vaper. 

If you haven't tried The Downside, we understand your reservations; eLiquid that tastes like yogurt?! But, the yogurt exhale is simply a decadent, perfectly sweet cream. It goes down with the same sensation as a spoonful of ice cream - ideal combination of sweet and cold. 

The Downside is refreshing and an all day vape for us. The 60% VG 40% PG mix has good vapor production with enough PG to really make to flavor stand out.

All in all, there is no downside to The Schwartz's Downside. .Click here for more details.

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eLiquid Review: Black Flag Fallen by Five Pawns

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FlavorDecaf double espresso infused with black truffle cream

Flavor Notes: Subtle tiramisu like espresso with a subtle nutty undertone followed by a cream finish

PG/VG: 50% VG - 50% PG

Nicotine Level: 6mg

Steeping Time: 0 days - Steeped in stainless steel barrels with zero light infiltration

Vapor Production: 8 (out of 10) 

Time of Day to Vape: After dinner vape - Its smooth finish sets up the night perfectly to unwind and relax

Product Description:

This decadent, bold, yet multi-layered liquid is almost more reminiscent of an espresso based dessert than your traditional tiny cup of Italian coffee. The finest quality espresso beans allow for a multitude of subtle flavor notes.

This blend is produced in limited quantity and left to mature in our polished stainless steel barrels so there is zero light infiltration or ingredient degradation. The liquid is left untouched so that individual flavor components can fully develop and harmonize for an even smoother and more consistent result. When the liquid is extracted from the barrel it’s bottled with a single decaffeinated coffee bean.


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eLiquid Review: The White Rabbit by The Vaping Rabbit

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FlavorBlueberry Shortbread cookies with a creamy lemon frosting

Flavor NotesA warm, buttery shortbread biscuit with strong hints of shaved lemon zest

PG/VG: 99% VG Ingredients : VG, natural and artificial flavor extracts, PG

Nicotine Level: 3mg

Steeping Time: 7 days with partially uncovered (The longer the exposed steeping, the strong the lemon flavor)

Vapor Production: 10 (out of 10) 

Time of Day to Vape: All day vape - we cannot get enough of that lemon frosting - You will seriously want to drink it

Our description: Stop in at your favorite bakery. We ask the shop owner behind the counter what are today's specials. We are in the mood for something sweet. 

Chocolate cake. No thanks.

Peanut brittle. Maybe next time.

Homemade truffles. Can't blow the bank.

The last option. The shop owner pulls out their lastest creation. Shortbread cookies. But not any standard out-of-the-box shortbread cookies. Fresh out of the oven shortbread cookies - the store begins to fill with the sweet smell of the buttery, sugary goodness. 

They look delicious. Wait, what is that? Blueberries? Fresh, slightly tart blueberries? Perfect pairing to tame the sweetness of the cookie.

Oh wait, there is more?

Smooth, white frosting. Bouncy and light with undertones of lemon in every bite. 

Happy I stopped here? Check.

They are on sale too?! Heck yes!

Save 10% off The Vaping Rabbit and all eLiquid with code tenoff at checkout.

Click here for all The Vaping Rabbit flavors.

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eLiquid Review: Slapjacks by Stagecoach Vapors

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FlavorThe best breakfast on the range topped with delicious bananas

Flavor NotesA warm, buttery, sweet golden cake with a decadent syrup and subtle banana undertones

PG/VG: 40% PG, 60% VG

Nicotine Level: 6mg

Steeping Time: 5 days

Vapor Production: 8 (out of 10) 

Time of Day to Vape: Rise and shine. A great all day vape that keeps us wanting more. 

Our description: Time to walk up. Usually, getting out of bed requires the jaws of life or that feeling of total desperation when you see you slept way passed your alarm. 


But today is different. As you slowly open your eyes, a soft sweet smell drifts past. Gently rolling out of bed, you glide down the stairs and make your way into the kitchen. Is somebody making pancakes? I thought today was Tuesday, not Sunday.


As you approach the kitchen, you see a tall stack of golden brown, fluffy cakes drizzled with warm maple syrup. The pat of butter is melting down the sides to the bottom where slived bananas await, sopping up the butter syrup mix.


Walk up every morning to the sweet, buttery taste of Slapjacks by StageCoach Vapors. No baking required. Buy Slapjacks here


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eLiquid Review: Pencil by Must Vape

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Flavor: Cinammon pear crumble with vanilla ice cream

Flavor Notes: Cinammon, buttery crust, sugar, subtle pear

PG/VG: 35% PG, 65% VG

Nicotine Level: 6mg

Steeping Time: 2 days with lid slightly opened

Vapor Production: 9 (out of 10) due to higher level of VG

Time of Day to Vape: All day vape with an even stronger recommendation when you are looking for a zen moment during a stressful day

Buy Pencil here and get an additional 10% off using discount code tenoff at checkout for all eLiquids.


Our In-Depth Thoughts:

It is rare to find a pear eLiquid that really hits the spot. Let alone one that is a "Must" try for all vapors, whether or not pear is amongst your favorite of fruits.

Let's begin to break this flavor down starting with the company. Must Vapes is based out of Los Angeles and is brand new to the vaping world. Be that as it may, they have knocked it out of the park with their latest creation "Pencil."

Much time and effort was spent in their test kitchen creating this crafty concoction. Measuring and mixing. Tasting and vaping.

Their efforts definitely paid off. Let's start with the spices.

First vape, we get a subtle yet prominent dusting of cinnamon. Cinnamon, in many eliquids, can be a very off-putting flavor as it tends to be more artificial tasting [i.e. Big Red gum] than organic. Here, the cinnamon is on point as a delicious backnote. Our mind does wander as possible notes of ginger and nutmeg round out its spice skeleton.

Next, we dive into the pear crumble itself.

Second vape, we get the incredibly yet subtle juicy Anjou pears topped with a brown sugar and butter crumble topping, baked to perfection. The butteryness of the crumble dances with the nuances of a warm, fresh out of the oven, pie crust. Upon exhale, the aroma still lingers in the air.

Third vape, the creamy vanilla ice cream rounds out the flavor as we can almost sense the two temperature elements playing off each other; the cold of the ice cream with the warm gooeyness of the crumble.

Overall, Must Vape's Pencil will enchant dessert lovers and fruit lovers alike.

Buy Pencil here





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eLiquid Review: Venus by Space Jam

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FlavorGolden roasted marshmallows infused with peanut butter, drizzled with caramel and hints of cream

Flavor Notes: Golden marshmellow almost honey like, subtle peanut butter with a caramel and cream undertone

PG/VG50% PG, 50% VG

Nicotine Level: 6mg

Steeping Time: 1 week

Vapor Production: 8 (out of 10) 

Time of Day to Vape: Total after dinner vape. Ideally, around a bonfire with good friends. Yet, to be realistic, Venus + good TV show = Heaven

Buy Venus here and get an additional 10% off using discount code tenoff at checkout for all eLiquids.


Our In-Depth Review:

Saturday night. Bonfire on the beach. Logs of oak burning in the pit as echos of laughter fill the atmosphere.

Suitably sized sticks in hand and a single marshmellow placed on the end. Let the roasting begin.

Each marshmellow is slowly turned as the crackling golden hue starts to form evenly on the once white puff.

But this sugary little square of heaven will not be nestled between graham crackers.

Enter stage right the jar of smooth, slightly salty peanut butter. A solid slathering on top. Two have become one.

Quick drizzling of caramel and why not, a dollop of whipped cream.

A childhood dessert entering the world of adults.

Try Space Jam's Venus for an amped up version of a classic kid treat.



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Ejuice Review Papi Churro by Jet Fuel

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In short: 

For us, Papi Churro by Jet Fuel takes us back to a time when that cinnamon sugar treat was the best way to end a fun filled summer day. Buy it here.

Take a moment to read what we think of when we vape Papi Churro.
Our Three Minute Story:

School is out. Vacation has started and the event you have long awaited for has finally arrived. Through the eyes of our once was child, this is the pinnacle of the summer holiday. The county fair. As the family van drives into the jam packed parking lot, you can't rip that seatbelt off fast enough. You slide open the side door and jump out, only to be painfully slowed down by your parents as they retrieve the stroller for your younger siblings; a further reminder of why you wished you were an only child. As your parents do one last check to make sure they, God forbid, didn't forget anything, you set off, ignoring the calls of your mother pleading to 'stay together as a family.' At this point, your little legs can't go any faster as you approach those heavenly gates.

"Where are you going kid?" A portly t-shirt wearing security guard asks.

You stare up blankly thinking to yourself, 'Isn't it obvious?'

"You need to buy tickets first." He screeches, as his beefy fingers point towards the stand.

Looking at the different options, you know the super deluxe package is the package to buy.

"Super deluxe, super deluxe," you cry out to your parents. "Please, please, pretty please!"

"Oh honey, we don't need all that. It's too much. Plus, I brought us snacks."

Your heart sinks. 'You brought snacks?' You say to yourself. 'No more rice crackers and peanut butter!'

But before you can dwell on it too much, she hands you your golden ticket and you head off to those grand gates.

The lights. The rides. The sea of rambunctious rascals, preoccupied parents and tenacious teenagers. Right as you are about to jump head first and arms flailing into this ocean of commotion, you think to yourself, 'This. Is. Awesome.’


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