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Open Letter

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To whom it may concern at the FDA:

FDA approved products have the aire of being safe for consumption. After all, the entire idea of the FDA is to protect the American consumer from harmful components in our food, drinks and any inhaled items.

I am just curious how is it possible that you have approved for consumption Ractopamine Tainted Meat? I would assume you are aware that this is a drug used by the meat industry which is universally considered by the international community as highly dangerous for human consumption. It is a proven cause of negative behavioral changes in humans along with adverse affects on the cardiovascular system. Why in the US is it legal for the meat industry to inject into our meat?

Also, is it possible to explain to me why there are sodas that exist with flame retardant properties? I am talking about the bright green soft drinks that use BVO, a vegetable oil that you approved for human consumption that was first invented as a flame retardant? Is it true that the reason that it is banned in other countries is because they found that it causes reproductive and behavioral problems?

With this said, it seems there is an attack on the vape industry for eliquids. Why the attack of the vape industry but on these other industries no?


A Concerned Consumer

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Is the Vape Industry Being Bullied?

Posted on August 07, 2014 by We Vape Here Staff | 1 comment

Second Hand Smoke kills 50,000 people alone per year. The Journal of American Medicine Association has stated that lung cancer is on the decline as vaping increases. Funny how ecigs are villainized and not praised for these two aspects alone. 


Ecigs do help smokers to quit or greatly reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day. If a pack a day smoker is vaping to reduce the number of cigarettes to even half that amount, that is still a win. And yes, some vape for the pure pleasure of vaping without having been smokers in the past. 


But why is there such a smear campaign towards those who vape? Why does the world think the vape industry is targeting minors and only minors? Are other industries that target adult consumers being scrutinized and crucified in the same manner? Let's take a look:


Craft Beer Breweries: Craft and seasonal beer has become a trendy item. Local breweries have been popping up with new and limited microbrews. Restaurants are promoting beer pairings with menu items to bring out the flavor in your food. Would it be justified for the government to shut down local brewers or any brewer for that matter because a minor might get their hands on a bottle of beer?


Hard Liquor: Has anybody seen the commercial for Smirnoff Vodka? If not, let me fill you in. A party isn’t a party without Smirnoff. Go to their website and there is a long list of drink recipes and boy, do some of them look good (To name one, the Pina Coco Spritzer. Divine). Interesting how Smirnoff is able to promote such a product when a minor could easily get their hands on a bottle. And how can local mom and pop shops sell liquor whose commercials are showing off how much fun and how "cool" it is to drink these cocktails?


Car Industry: We have all seen them. The print ads or commercials showing cars zipping and zooming through treacherous terrain. Let's even throw in a famous male celebrity who exits the car in slow motion, only adding to the lure and luxury of the automobile. It is safe to say that these ads are shown during programs whose target audience may in fact be under the legal driving age. Should the car manufacturers be run out of business because a minor may steal a sports car and drive without a license? 


No, of course not. That would be beyond absurd. The idea that minors across the board are more susceptible to being targeted by the big, bad Vape Industry is laughable.


Minors cannot buy beer and are not targeted by this industry.

Minors cannot buy hard liquor and are not targetd by this industry.

Minors cannot drive cars without a license and are not targeted by this industry.


And no, FDA and all those who oppose vaping because minors may get their hands on ecigs, minors are not targeted by the vape industry.


Let's stop the bullying and let's allow the Vape Industry, just like all adult industries, evolve. 

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Facts to Share

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Did you know, second hand smoke causes 50,000 deaths per year in the US? Funny how ecigs not being praised as a public savior

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Facts to Share

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Every cigarette you smoke reduces your life span by eleven minutes.

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