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eLiquid Review: Pencil by Must Vape

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Flavor: Cinammon pear crumble with vanilla ice cream

Flavor Notes: Cinammon, buttery crust, sugar, subtle pear

PG/VG: 35% PG, 65% VG

Nicotine Level: 6mg

Steeping Time: 2 days with lid slightly opened

Vapor Production: 9 (out of 10) due to higher level of VG

Time of Day to Vape: All day vape with an even stronger recommendation when you are looking for a zen moment during a stressful day

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Our In-Depth Thoughts:

It is rare to find a pear eLiquid that really hits the spot. Let alone one that is a "Must" try for all vapors, whether or not pear is amongst your favorite of fruits.

Let's begin to break this flavor down starting with the company. Must Vapes is based out of Los Angeles and is brand new to the vaping world. Be that as it may, they have knocked it out of the park with their latest creation "Pencil."

Much time and effort was spent in their test kitchen creating this crafty concoction. Measuring and mixing. Tasting and vaping.

Their efforts definitely paid off. Let's start with the spices.

First vape, we get a subtle yet prominent dusting of cinnamon. Cinnamon, in many eliquids, can be a very off-putting flavor as it tends to be more artificial tasting [i.e. Big Red gum] than organic. Here, the cinnamon is on point as a delicious backnote. Our mind does wander as possible notes of ginger and nutmeg round out its spice skeleton.

Next, we dive into the pear crumble itself.

Second vape, we get the incredibly yet subtle juicy Anjou pears topped with a brown sugar and butter crumble topping, baked to perfection. The butteryness of the crumble dances with the nuances of a warm, fresh out of the oven, pie crust. Upon exhale, the aroma still lingers in the air.

Third vape, the creamy vanilla ice cream rounds out the flavor as we can almost sense the two temperature elements playing off each other; the cold of the ice cream with the warm gooeyness of the crumble.

Overall, Must Vape's Pencil will enchant dessert lovers and fruit lovers alike.

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