WARNING: this product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

eLiquid Review: The White Rabbit by The Vaping Rabbit

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FlavorBlueberry Shortbread cookies with a creamy lemon frosting

Flavor NotesA warm, buttery shortbread biscuit with strong hints of shaved lemon zest

PG/VG: 99% VG Ingredients : VG, natural and artificial flavor extracts, PG

Nicotine Level: 3mg

Steeping Time: 7 days with partially uncovered (The longer the exposed steeping, the strong the lemon flavor)

Vapor Production: 10 (out of 10) 

Time of Day to Vape: All day vape - we cannot get enough of that lemon frosting - You will seriously want to drink it

Our description: Stop in at your favorite bakery. We ask the shop owner behind the counter what are today's specials. We are in the mood for something sweet. 

Chocolate cake. No thanks.

Peanut brittle. Maybe next time.

Homemade truffles. Can't blow the bank.

The last option. The shop owner pulls out their lastest creation. Shortbread cookies. But not any standard out-of-the-box shortbread cookies. Fresh out of the oven shortbread cookies - the store begins to fill with the sweet smell of the buttery, sugary goodness. 

They look delicious. Wait, what is that? Blueberries? Fresh, slightly tart blueberries? Perfect pairing to tame the sweetness of the cookie.

Oh wait, there is more?

Smooth, white frosting. Bouncy and light with undertones of lemon in every bite. 

Happy I stopped here? Check.

They are on sale too?! Heck yes!

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